I want to be in all senses of the words, All. Things. Mama.
As far back as I can remember I've wanted to be a mom, not just any mom, but the mom that stays home with her kids full time. The mom who loves even when she is not loved back, who can't breathe without thinking of her kids first. The mom who loves teaching, playing, cooking, baking, laughing, and kissing owies. The mom who is ALL THINGS MAMA. My husband and I scrimp so that dream can be fulfilled. Being a mom is not part time for me. It is something that has captured my heart. All of the going ons of my life start with thoughts of my kids. My kids consume my love and my life and I allow it because, with God's help they are the essence of what makes me a mother. This is me...

kids: the reason for moms

kids: the reason for moms

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I'm still trying to figure this mom thing out...

Everyday is a new challenge.  Fit throwing is full blown and growing stronger in our household.  My 22 month old daughter is the queen of fits.  My 8 month old son is learning from her.  Sometimes I'm not sure I'll be able to handle another fit until I take a deep breath and remind myself to be loving and understanding while also redirecting the fit into better behavior.  Does it always work? No.  Sometimes she's too hungry, too tired, too whatever to be able to be redirected.  Sometimes I have to give in and let her throw her fit while I get her lunch ready or get her ready for a nap or bed.  And that's okay.  I'm not perfect and neither are my kids, but we make it work.
I chose this life of challenges.  I quit my job to stay home.  My husband and I make notable sacrifices for me to be able to be the ama de casa.  No eating out. No cable tv. No renting movies, no going to movies.  Bascially, we do not spend money unless it is on groceries or bills, and to be completely honest..IT'S REALLY FUN!  My kids are so young that they could care less that we never go out to eat.  They do not notice that we don't spend money on movies.  They live life, a pretty darn good life, without us spending extra money.  How long before they start wanting more than what we spend? Who knows..but this is what I'm hoping: I want my kids to grow up learning how to save money, live frugally, and spend wisely.  I want them to love life without having all the "things" money can give them.  I have a feeling that as the years go by and we enter the teenage years, this thrifty lifestyle will start bringing forth even bigger fits, but I'm ready for it. :)


  1. You are so cute and I'm so excited that you started a blog!! Even though we talk everyday ...now I can "blog" stalk too ;) Love you!


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