I want to be in all senses of the words, All. Things. Mama.
As far back as I can remember I've wanted to be a mom, not just any mom, but the mom that stays home with her kids full time. The mom who loves even when she is not loved back, who can't breathe without thinking of her kids first. The mom who loves teaching, playing, cooking, baking, laughing, and kissing owies. The mom who is ALL THINGS MAMA. My husband and I scrimp so that dream can be fulfilled. Being a mom is not part time for me. It is something that has captured my heart. All of the going ons of my life start with thoughts of my kids. My kids consume my love and my life and I allow it because, with God's help they are the essence of what makes me a mother. This is me...

kids: the reason for moms

kids: the reason for moms

Monday, July 25, 2011

The simple life...

I want my kids to love the simple pleasures in life...like picking blueberries with grandpa.

Or gardening with me.

Or serving pretend coffee.

Or coloring.

Or doing things that do not require money or new things.

We don't buy our kids birthday presents or Christmas presents.  They are spoiled enough by other family members and friends.  My wish is that they recognize holidays can be special and fun without the greediness of wanting MORE gifts.  It's a difficult concept to teach, show, and learn, especially since I, myself, always seem to be wanting more!

Instilling these ideas in our kids while they are constantly submersed in a culture that tells them they need things to be happy is an ongoing process.  To do what makes you feel good, to watch things that shouldn't be seen by anyone, and eating things that are so bad for the body is what our world tells us to do to be happy.

It makes me want to take them away and seclude them from all the bad things.  It brings on fleeting thoughts of wanting to move to an Amish community where beauty is found in outdoor scenery, in sharing with others, in serving God.  That thought quickly diminishes when I realize I can't sew, I don't know the first thing about milking a cow, I would not like wearing an Amish kapp, and I definitely do not want to learn Amish deutsch.  Maybe we'll just visit? :)

I'm pretty sure life with the Amish has its flaws too.  No life on earth is perfect.  But it's fun to dream, right?

Therefore, instead of becoming Amish, I will be trying some Amish recipes.  Yummy food makes a cozy home and a happy hubby.  Cooking with the kids makes great memories.  I'll keep you updated on what's been cooking around here.  We'll see how much cooking gets done once Skyelynn arrives.  And if the weather ever gets warm, this new venture of mine will be postponed until further notice...

Here is a smattering of simple pleasures that have been keeping us busy lately..
Playing in the back of daddy's truck, making play-doh frogs, trying on daddy's shoes, playing in the kiddie pool on the back deck, sitting on daddy's motorbike.

What simple things make your life better?

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  1. Oh Martha, I so relate! I always felt that way, too! And we didn't do birthday and Christmas presents either when they were young--for the exact same reason!!

    Simple things that make life better? When my kids were little is was a lot of the same, plus planting things, hatching things (chicks, butterflies),watching the kids on their bikes, throwing balls, jumping together on the trampoline, watching the kids wrestle with their dad (and moving the furniture out of the way), flying kites, collecting rocks and shells from the beach. Playing in the sandpile. Good stuff!!! I've found that it's not the money spent, but time spent with kids that counts. As long as the adults are watching, the kids are happy. Birthday parties were 3 legged races, ball tosses, eggs in spoons, whatever. It didn't matter! The kids all loved it.


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